The Centre is a part of the Neighbourhood House movement, which began to evolve in Victoria in the early 1970's. The main aim of the movement being to offer people supportive, non-threatening environments where they could share their skills and achieve social interaction in their local communities.
The Board of Governance meets monthly and includes community participation. Its members are elected to the Board from the local community.

Board of Governance

President: Simone Hardham

Vice-President: Brett Dawson

Secretary: Paul Phillips

Treasurer: Suzette Dawson

Board Members:
  • Marion Harriden             Thelma Paull
  • Lynne Burgess               Andrew Holmes
  • Dr Dean Morris              Melanie Goffin
  • Natelle Telley


Centre Manager:                Pam Gates
Administration Officer:     Trudy Pritchard
Childcare Manager:           Carly O'Neill
Childcare Assistants:        Loraine Sayers
                                             Angie Savelio
                                             Marion Beales

Auditor: Bruce Hydon