Bringing fresh produce and items directly from the Farmer or Producer to the Dingley Village Community.

The Dingley Village Farmers Market is an initiative of the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre. Operating on the THIRD SATURDAY of the month at 31 Marcus Rd, Dingley Village between 8:30am and 1:00pm.

Apply now for a Trader account to secure your place at this new and exciting Farmers' Market.

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Information for Stall Holders

The Dingley Village Farmer's Market is now managed with a fully on-line, customised system on this web site. For traders, the system has two simple steps:

  1. Apply on-line for a DVNC Farmers' Market Trader Account. You will need to upload copies of relevant documents and a photo of your stall as part of your application. See more details below about this application form.
  2. Each month, book your site for the next market day. Applications open each month on the third Saturday at 11:00am and end close of business on the second Friday of the month.

You will be asked to provide credit card details when you book your site each month. Please note, this is not a request for immediate payment, it is only a payment authorisation. Your account will not be charged at the time you submit your booking request. The Market Manager will review all site bookings and will only charge your account if your booking for a site is approved.

You will be sent email messages about the status of your Trader Account and your site bookings at each step along the way. Rest assured that the Market Manager will continue to provide friendly personal service for all traders (especially our valued regular traders), at each market day and throughout the month.

Please also make sure that you download and read our Market Terms and Conditions. You must agree to these terms as a condition of your trader account.

The DVNC Farmers' Market Trader Registration form is the first step for all Farmers Market traders. Please fill out the DVNC Farmer's Market Trader Registration form on this site. The form states:

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before completing this form.

Copies of the appropriate certificates must be uploaded to be able to complete your application.

All traders are required to hold Public Liability Insurance. Food and beverage vendors will also be required to supply a Statement of Trade once approved.

Please complete all sections.


The form has five parts, or pages. A progress bar at the top of the form shows you which page you are on. You can page backwards and forwards within the form by using the Back and Next buttons at the bottom.

Many of the fields are mandatory. If a field requires a value, then a red asterisk (like this: *) appears after the field label.

Some of the field labels show Information icons, like this: . If you wave your mouse pointer over these icons, a little balloon will pop up to show you important details about the entries that the field expects.

Your answers to some of the questions may cause additional fields to appear, requesting additional information. For instance, if you indicate that you will be selling food and/or drinks, then additional fields will appear asking whether you are selling alcohol, whether you have Streatrader registration, and for you to upload a copy of your Council food registration. If you are selling alcohol, you will also be asked for your liquor licence number. In most cases, information balloons will give you additional details about these questions.

The last page of the form asks you to confirm that you have read and agree to DVNC's terms and Conditions.

Please note that applications for DVNC Farmer's Market Trader accounts are not automatically accepted (more details about this below).

Once you have filled out the DVNC Farmer's Market Trader Registration form:

  • You will be sent a message acknowledging your entries, including links back to the documents you uploaded. The Market Manager will also receive a version of the same message so she can review your application.
  • If the Market Manager approves your account application, you will be sent a message telling you that your Trader account on our site has been activated, and you will then be able to log in to the site so you can book places for Farmers' Market days.

First, go to our site and log in with your Trader account user ID and password. Logging in tells the Farmers' Market system who you are and that you are a trader, so you can book sites and handle your bookings.

Then choose the Farmers' Market > Book Sites menu option. This will take you to a page listing all the forthcoming market days. Just click on the next upcoming market day listing, and the site will show you the event detail page, including a Book a Site button, a map and a few other options (one of them exports the event so you can save it to your calendar).

Click the Book a Site button. This will take you to the site booking page. On that page, choose the size of site and the site power option you need for this market day (you can only book one site for each market day)

Please note the message on the page about the Payment Authorisation Request:

When you confirm this booking, you will be sent to a PayPal payment page to provide your credit card details (or to authorise payment from your PayPal account if you have one), but your account will not be charged at this time. We are asking you only for a payment authorisation, not an immediate payment. The Market Manager will review all site booking requests, and your account will not be charged until she has approved this site booking request.


When you press the Confirm booking button, you will be taken to a redirect page for a few seconds, and then you will be automatically taken to a PayPal payment page, where you can choose to provide your credit card details, or you can authorise payment from your PayPal account if you have one. You will also receive a message confirming your booking request. The Market Manager will also receive a version of the same notification message, so she can review your booking request.

Once you have authorised payment on the PayPal payment page, you will be returned to a confirmation page on our site. If you do not complete payment, you will be returned to a page noting that the payment authorisation request was declined.

Before the actual market day, the Market Manager will review all booking requests. She will approve most site bookings (including most regular traders), but may decline some booking requests. When she approves or declines bookings, messages are automatically sent to traders notifying them of the status of their bookings. If your booking was approved, the message will also have a PDF copy of your tax invoice attached to it.

When the Market Manager accepts a booking, she will also charge the trader's account for the booking fee. When she declines a booking, the trader's payment authorisation will simply lapse.

DVNC now asks for payment authorisation when sites are booked. Again, we need payment authorisation against either your credit card or your PayPal account if you have one, but not immediate payment. We are doing this because it provides a more consistent, predictable and efficient method of handling bookings and payments for them, while still allowing flexibility for review and optimisation of the sites available on each market day.

However, while PayPal and our local banks will accept a credit authorisation request and will reserve funds in trader accounts to meet the authorised payment if the site booking is approved, PayPal and the banks will not hold those funds for any longer than a month (in many cases not even that long). So to allow time for the Market Manager to review bookings and also to avoid any possibility of creating a dishonoured charge on traders' accounts, the best option is to stick to a monthly cycle of bookings and payment processing.

We have made the site booking and payment process as simple as we can, and it should only take a few seconds each month.

As well as that, right after the end of each market a reminder message will be sent to all traders who were booked in for that day. The message reminds traders to book for next month's market.

The Market Manager has to review and approve all trader applications and all bookings for sites at each market day, to ensure that:

  • Submissions are bona fide and are not fraudulent or malicious
  • There is a good variety and balance of traders
  • Traders generally do not have to compete with each other
  • Each trader is well placed to show off their produce and trade profitably
  • Market visitors have a good, enjoyable shopping visit

If you log in to our site, the Farmers' Market > Your Bookings menu option will show you all the bookings you have made, the site option you chose:

  • If a booking has been paid (Status = Complete), you can click the site options (under the Ticket column) to download a copy of the tax invoice for that booking
  • If a booking is still Pending (Status = Incomplete), you can cancel it by pressing the red button that shows a trash can icon, at the end of the booking listing line. If you do  this, you and the Market Manager will be sent notification messages to the effect that you have cancelled your booking. If you wish to cancel a booking, you must do so by 5:00pm on the Friday before the market day. WARNING: if you cancel your booking by mistake you will have to enter a new site booking from scratch.

You also have more options on the detail pages for events:

  • The Event Options button lets you export the event so you can load it into various calendar programs (including Google Calendar). You can also send an invitation to that event to somebody else, or you can print a brief event listing page.
  • If you have already booked in for the market day you're looking at, the Book a site button changes to Cancel a booking, and you can cancel your booking from the event page. The Warning above also applies here.

To complete your application online, you will need to supply the following information.

ALL food and consumable vendors

The Farmers' market is held OUTDOORS. You must supply everything you need to trade on the day. e.g. chairs, tables marques etc. There is LIMITED power available and generators must comply with the restrictions outlined in the terms and conditions. If you have requested power, please ensure your requirements are provided on your application. Check your subsequent confirmation by the market manager is for a powered site. Contact us if information incorrect.

All marquees must be weighed down. The Market Manager reserve the right to suspend your trade if we believe the site poses a risk to festival goers.

$45 per standard site (3 x 3 m)+ $20 for vehicle onsite subject to availability. Power to the site  is an extra $5. If you require larger site or indoor, please contact market manager .

All store holders are required to have commercial and personal liability insurance and must supply documentation to evidence this. If your stall or exhibit is found to be responsible for injuring someone else or damaging their property, public liability insurance provides cover for the cost of damages and legal representation.

We have a variety of vendors selling different products and services – and all with varying degrees of risk. A one-size product does not fit everyone, and if we were to add insurance on top of the cost of a stall, individuals would end up paying more to compensate those who carry a higher risk. It is more cost effective for you to get your own insurance that is reflective of your level of risk.

This is common practice for markets and events, and there are a number of providers who can provide you with a quote, such as:

You can also find insurance cover through an association membership such as

  • TradersVoice: a $200 membership includes $20 million Public Liability Insurance.
    Phone: 1300 572 722
    Email: .

In no way does the Dingley Village Farmers' Market or the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre endorse any of the products listed above. These are provided as a guide only. You should seek professional advice that takes into account your own circumstances to find the right product for you.

The most common problems with the web form include:

  • Uploading large attachments – An attachment should not be more than 1 – 2 MB. The bigger your file is, the longer it will take up upload after you press submit. Please only press submit once and wait for the confirmation page to load.
  • Not completing all required fields – please double check that you have filled in all required fields (marked with an *).

If you’re still having problems with the form, you can download our PDF version of the application form or pick up a copy at the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre. Return details are contained on the form.

Download PDF version

email: .